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 Eli Wise brings a unique lens to his work as a queer transgender man who has feet in multiple worlds and perspectives.  Themes of transformation, dreams, and current affairs saturate his work.  He is a composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator.


He is currently working on his third album which delves into more personal and political material than his previous two.  Stay tuned for previews and pre-order information.

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in love and solidarity.

I began writing this song in 2015, thinking about the Syrian refugee crisis.  I revisited it in 2019 and updated it based on our own crisis here, where so many needy families are being treated to inhumanely at the southern border.  I also found this article, which has great suggestions for how regular people can help make a difference.  Even small differences matter.


I wrote this song in the summer of 2019, about my experiences as a pregnant transgender man. In other songs, I've hidden or generalized transgender themes.  This is the first song I've written to talk so directly about my own personal experiences.  Here's to trying something new.

Hear "Never Let Me Go" Live at The Lost Church Here

This song was inspired by the Kazuo Ishiguro novel by the same name.  It's a beautiful and chilling story.  For this song, I made sure not to give anything away for those who haven't yet read the book.  I highly recommend it.

A rehearsal with keyboardist Martin McGinn.  This is a break up song - or it could be a song about any moment when you are feeling miserable and the outside world is far too beautiful to support your dark feelings.  The days when the sunlight is crashing in on your need for dark solitude.