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I'm a composer, performer, and educator. I've co-produced three self-released albums and I'm working on the fourth.  In my songwriting and my teaching, I explore the place where imagination and reality meet. I'm influenced by myths, science-fiction and the strangely beautiful moments of ordinary life.  I'm a queer transgender man and a new parent. Most of this site is devoted to my own music, but you can also visit this page to explore children's music activities.

I wrote this song about my experiences as a pregnant transgender man. Some folks in power pretend that people like me don't exist.  Trans parents-to-be walk an unpaved road, and we walk it to create beauty and life.  Beth Cloutier ( Local Music Chanel ) filmed this and Liz DeRoche is on snare.

This song was inspired by a New York Times article ( link in the youtube description ).  I was immediately struck by this image, and wanted to share it with you.  Diana Strong on accordion, Marty McGinn on kbds.


Hear "Never Let Me Go" Live at The Lost Church Here

This song was inspired by the Kazuo Ishiguro novel by the same name.  It's a beautiful and chilling story.  For this song, I made sure not to give anything away for those who haven't yet read the book.  I highly recommend it.

A rehearsal with keyboardist Martin McGinn.  This is a break up song - or it could be a song about any moment when you are feeling miserable and the outside world is far too beautiful to support your dark feelings.  The days when the sunlight is crashing in on your need for dark solitude.