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Eli Wise  is a composer, story teller, multi-instrumentalist, and educator. Collaborations include work with Damon Waitkus, Art Elliot, Diana Strong, Briget Boyle, Sonsheree Giles, Josh Mellinger, Chapter 510 and The I Need Space Festival.

He received his MA in music composition from Mills College in 2006 where he studied with Fred Frith. He received his BA in music composition from Wesleyan University in 2001 where he studied with Neely Bruce.

Musical influences include The Cure, The Shins, REM, Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, and Kate Bush.

He is a queer transgender man and the parent of two young children. Themes of transformation, hidden natures, and imagined realities saturate his work.

For collaboration, bookings, or other inquiries please write to

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