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Music Studios


I love taking piano lessons with Mr Eli because he’s fun and he makes me love music even more!  He’s patient when I get something wrong"  -Ilayda, age 9

“Eli has a kindness that connects with kids. My daughter has been studying with Eli for almost 10 years. She still looks forward to working with him, every week.” - Frazer, parent of 14 year old

"Eli's class is the only thing that we do regularly over Zoom that my kids get really into" - Emma

"He supports me. He always says try again, take your time. I'm learning so much."  - Nickolas, age 9

 "I enjoy playing Guitar with Eli. It’s better than math. He’s nice and gets me to try things that I wouldn’t do if it’s hard, makes it fun."- Axel, age 9

"He explains things really well. When I don’t understand something he teaches it a  different  way, that makes it easier and more fun. A patient and very encouraging teacher." - Jack, age 13

Digital Audio Recording
Private classes are available for students aged 4 to infinity.
Education Experience
  • Teaching general music in Oakland Public Schools sing 2011
  • Instructing private students since 2007
  • Orff certified ( 4 summers at the San Francisco International Orff Course )
  • Kodaly level 1 ( Holy Names Summer Prgoram)
  • Masters Degree in Music Composition from Mills College
  • Bachelors Degree in Music Composition from Wesleyan University
  • 3 years teaching music at Alchemia (Arts program for developmentally disabled adults)

Public classes



This program makes songwriting and instrument playing accessible to students who have limited access to private lessons and have underfunded music programs in their schools.  DreamSongs increases aural comprehension and expressive language skills , inspires students to value their own dreams, however bold  or whimsical, and to bravely put them into music.  This can be a two part workshop or 12 week residency.  The longer residency includes ukulele instruction.

Chapter 510 and the department of Make / Belieive

Our teaching artists and volunteers work side-by-side with educators to provide a safe space and supportive community for Black, brown, and queer youth ages 8-19 to bravely write. Our vision is that every young person in Oakland grows to write with confidence and joy

Guitars In The Classroom

Supports highly engaged student learning in public schools by training, equipping and inspiring teachers and school staff to sing, play folk instruments, lead, compose and integrate music with academic instruction and social-emotional development.  Our professional development courses and classroom teaching artist residencies restore music to its rightful place in childhood and society while supporting all students to approach learning more creatively through the power of song.

The Oakland Youth Chorus

We provide in-school music and after school choral programs accessible to every child regardless of family income. Our approach combines repertoire from cultures around the world, performance opportunities, and a concrete foundation in music literacy. Singers support their communities with multiple opportunities to perform for local schools, organizations and cultural events each season.

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