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Summer Explorations

This summer is all about education and exploration. I finished three weeks studying sight singing and music theory at Holy Names University, and am now traveling on the east coast for another three weeks.

I’m currently soaking in the steam bath of Georgia heat and then headed up to Northampton, MA for a self-directed artist’s retreat. I managed to pack a bit of a mini studio with me - a condenser mic, headphones, a guitar and laptop, and stuffed my clothes into the remaining backpack space.

My goal is to spend two peaceful car free weeks of exercising, exploring the town, and composing. I have about 25 ideas waiting for me on my voice notes phone app that I’ll have no excuse not to go through.

Some stories I’m working on: music about hell, music about astronomers, and music about sci-fi shows that I love.

One song I’m having a lot of fun with offers a humorous explanation for how so many people in power seem to have no moral or ethical sense.

An astronomer song is telling the story of someone ( perhaps Galileo deserves another song?) looking at the stars as a child and dreaming of knowing more.

I’m putting out feelers for more gigs in the fall, in the bay area and beyond, and looking into more theatre / dance collaborations.

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